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  • 3 Ways to Increase Sales Lead throughout the Internet

    The article this week is on 3 effective ways to generate more leads through the internet use. Gather over the past few months I have been asked many questions that pertain to no or low cost ways to generate leads and sales through the internet. You probably have heard the success stories or have seen the really long sales pages on the internet about how people make “$15,000 per week” or “increased sales by $10,000 within the first day”.

    I am going to reveal the one secret throughout the internet that is true about this. The best way to make money or increase your company sales using the internet is simply sell information. If you sell a physical product or service, it may be providing instructions on how to use it or ways to prepare for the service. By simply providing people with avenues to educate them and make yourself or your company the expert on a particular topic, you will find your sales will increase dramatically. I have literally transformed my business and brought in 15 new clients last month employing these strategies. I encourage you to contact me to discuss this subject further. The coffee will be on me. Enjoy!

    Method 1: Give a Little, Get a Lot:

    Start utilizing avenues on the web that give you the opportunity to brand yourself as an industry expert. There are many new websites that enable you to do this. I personally take advantage of Blog Talk Radio. Blog Talk Radio is a free online service that provides you with a platform and tools to have your own internet radio show. Pretty cool huh? Utilize these kinds of tools to invite your prospects or other experts in a related field for an interview. By interviewing key people you will naturally reach out to their contacts since most of the time they will tell others about their interview with you.

    The key thing to remember is that you want to make sure the content you cover in your blog or on an internet radio show, as through Blog Talk Radio, is to keep the content valuable and interesting for the audience. Continually remind them why it is beneficial to read or listen to your content. Lastly and most important, emphasis your “Call-to-Action” and make sure it is evident within your content.

    Method 2: Think Mini Sites:

    My definition of a mini website is a simple one page website with the sole purpose of either generating interest from a visitor and forwarding them to another website or collecting data for an email campaign, etc. The web page needs to communicate more with visuals than words. It also needs to cover 1 area or topic of interest pertaining to your product or service. Keep your design and message consistent with the market of people that will be viewing it. The message should focus on the benefits of meeting with you or joining your email list.

    Remember, the purpose of the mini site is not to sell, but to qualify their interests and capture their information so you can employ the necessary follow up strategies that engage them further in becoming a client. Engage them into your content first and then smother them with details later. Attached Google Analytics onto the web page to take a cumulative look at visitor statistics so you can get a good look on where a majority of your traffic is coming from.

    Method 3: Comment On Other Blogs:

    Lately, I have been conversing with bloggers across the country that make over $100,000 per year from their blogs. I asked how began to attract all of their followers. One of the most effective ways to draw traffic back to your blog or website is to comment of other blogs that are well known and that relate to your industry. Simply Google key terms used in your industry and attach the word “blog” after it. Start reading other blogs and respond to in the form of a comment. This will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise to an already engaged viewership.

    A mixed diet of commenting on other relevant blogs and posting articles on your own blog or website will skyrocket the amount of quality visitors that access your information via the internet. From there make sure you have a lead form either on your blog or website to connect further with your engaged viewers.