Restoring My Old Computer

As you may have gathered, I like technology and computers. As such, I have a bunch of old PCs in my house and every now and then I decide to look at them and see if I can get any usage out of them anymore. Sometimes, they are useless. However, sometimes I’m able to use them for some testing of websites, applications, or even use some of the parts. Anyways, when I was looking through my old system, I noticed it was running incredibly slow. I decided I should clean some of the junk off it and hopefully that would help. As I was using it, I started getting some crazy errors and it wasn’t fixing itself.

What kind of errors was I getting?

I knew I didn’t have a computer virus or anything like that, so I wasn’t too worried to be honest with you. In fact, I’ve cleaned plenty of viruses and malware from my computers, family and friends, and even at past jobs I had too. Regardless, any type of computer error is a pain and should be fixed if you want to deal with your computer properly. Especially if you’re getting exe or executable file errors. These are the worst and usually cause your system to not function properly at all.

Some examples of common exe file functions are the ability for your computer to logon, the ability for your computer to start a printing service (to print documents), the ability for your computer to manage specific windows on the machine, and hundreds or thousands of other services. Some videos talk about some of the exe files being viruses: like this one below:

Remember, just because you get an error, does NOT mean it’s a virus. At the same time, viruses CAN infect these files, so be sure you know what’s going on!

What was the actual exe error I was getting?

The actual EXE file error I was getting was called dwm.exe. The file itself is responsible for assisting with the graphical interface on Microsoft Windows. Though some users are super well-versed with command line, it can be difficult to learn at first. The problem with getting dwm.exe errors is that it can slow your system down, cause it to crash, and even prevent you from doing certain things you need to do. If you get these types of errors, it really is in your best interest to figure out whether or not you have a significant problem on your computer of if it’s something you can take care of rather quickly.

Other types of files you should be careful of

While exe files are responsible for executing processes on your computer, other file types are used when running applications too. Most notably: the .dll file. If you also get errors with any DLL files on your system, these could cause drastic problems for you down the line too. As a side note, be EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS anytime you download a file with a .exe or .dll extension if it’s not from a trusted source. Many times, people stuff malware and other dangerous applications within these files and unsuspecting users download and install it without knowing better. If you get ANY errors with these files, it’s always advisable (not just by me!) to download new and CLEAN versions of these files from the actual driver CD you have or directly from the manufacturer’s website. Downloading these files from third-party websites usually results in extra stuff you don’t need, dangerous files on your computer, or even just extra garbage you don’t need that gets installed when you run the program(s).

What I did to fix my error


To fix my error I figured out why I was getting the error in the first place. Luckily, I didn’t have a virus or anything else dangerous. I had to do a little more cleanup, I saved the important files and install files I needed, and then I formatted the hard drive. I find that’s usually the best bet when I’m getting errors with .exe or .dll files because it’s hard to tell whether or not you’re safe, even after a cleanup – ESPECIALLY if you have any inkling that you may be infected with a virus, malware, spyware, or other dangerous stuff.

If you have any questions about any of these, just message me and I’ll see if I can help you. Have a great day!


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